mediterranean, vegan-friendly, health-conscious cuisine

Looking for authentic Mediterranean food in Florida?

Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar is the only spot in the Fort Lauderdale area where you can truly experience the taste and feel of the Mediterranean with fresh, eclectic, made-to-order delicacies.

The Chefs

Owner/Chef, Ilan Cohen, envisioned a cozy cafe where he could prepare his favorite Mediterranean and international recipes for locals and tourists who appreciate fresh, delicious food, great prices, good wine and warm service. Vision and dedication go a long way...Ilan and his wife Lauren personally shop for only the freshest ingredients and produce to make each and every order absolutely perfect. You'll often find Ilan in the kitchen making sure the hummus is just right as Lauren creates the "dessert of the day".

The Dishes

Ilan cooks healthful, authentic Mediterranean and International foods using traditional family recipes from his native Israel. His innovation with flavor and seasoning can be savored in every dish, from the healthiest and tasty quinoa salad to top notch Angus filet mignon medallions. Other phenomenal dishes include vegan, gluten- free Mousakka, homemade stuffed red pepper with quinoa, celery, cranberries pine nuts and dry apricot, 100% vegan! Dinner specials with varied selections of mahi-mahi, salmon, sea bass or tilapia with succulent sauces.

The Ambience

Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar is the perfect place to kick back, relax with friends, and family. Unique and flavorful Mediterranean and international delights are waiting for you to savor, with a glass of wine, sangria or perhaps a craft beer. Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar could very well be your new favorite restaurant! Like us on Facebook for specials and updates or just drop in when you're in the mood for one of our delicious daily homemade soups or items from the everyday menu including chicken shawarma, angus beef burgers, gourmet falafel selection, crepes, abundant salads and so much more. Hope to see you soon!

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Dining Reviews and Ratings


"...the falafel happens to be one of best I have ever eaten. With their home made hummus (chick peas crushed into a paste) and Baba Ghanouj (eggplant combined with tahina, oil and lemon) these mouth watering dishes leave you wanting to come back for more. As well, you will love their Bourikas a flaky cheese puff which melts in your mouth! Don't forget to try the Jachnoon, a Yemenite breakfast rolled pancake pastry dish that you will not find in any restaurant on this side of the planet." » read more


"Don’t let the handful of tables and limited counter space at Falafel Bistro fool you. What the intimate Mediterranean restaurant in northwest Broward County lacks in seating it more than makes up for in scope, drawing from a variety of global influences to create an enlightened menu of kosher, health-conscious salads, soups, sandwiches, pastries and more." » read more


"In Israel, people came from all over the world," Ilan Cohen says. "So they brought their customs and flavors and kitchen dishes from Europe, from Morocco, from Greece. My father is from Syria, and my mother comes from Yugoslavia, with some Greek background. When I was growing up, we had tons of flavors in the house." » read more